New Year, New Projects

I’ve never been a fan of the “new year, new start” mindset. It’s a holdover from when I was a child. Back then I believed that if you wanted to change something you should just do it. I still feel that way, although I’ve become a fair bit more lenient in this mindset. Sometimes, you really do need a marker of sorts to help you out. And sometimes, you just need a break (and to recover from a flu like illness).

For me it was certainly the latter. January/February have never been my favorite months, but I think I might have broken free from that this year. I’ve made a delightful amount of headway on a sort of secret project. Secret because I’m slowly releasing details, and not so secret because…well, the image is pretty self-explanatory. I recommend clicking the link to get the full view of the picture as it has more hints about the upcoming collection.

A blurred image of a sheet of paper on top of a magazine with a oxidized angel statue. The sheet of paper reads "Ghost/Haunted House Collection 1. The Copper Mirror"

While the full image shows 4 stories and their titles/working titles, I’ve actually gotten 7 out of the 15 stories planned. I’m currently working on the outlining process for those. When I had the idea for this collection, I was at work on my lunch break. I went to the recycling bin and grabbed a handful of paper. So I’ve been writing the outlines for horror stories on the back of unused first grade work sheets. Thankfully said sheets are firmly held on my clipboard, safe from innocent eyes.

While I’m loving this project, I’ve come to realize that I don’t quite know what I’m doing. I’m tweaking, and stretching, and squeezing the concepts I’ve come to love in my horror. This collection is pushing me in ways I didn’t realize I could, or would, push myself. I’m quite delighted by it, and in the coming months, as I release more details, I hope you will be too.

While I’ve seen a number of haunted house movies, few have stuck with me. And while I’ve read plenty of ghost stories, very few have actually been haunted house stories. I’m sure you see my problem.

But a good writing challenge always leads to a good “inspiration hunt” as I like to call it. Despite adoring the haunted house concept, my personal library is lacking in those kinds of books. I seriously have no idea how that happened, but thankfully it was something was easily mended! I’ve helped myself to two Darcy Coates books (The Haunting of Ashburn House and The Haunting of Rookward House), as well as going back to the classics and re-reading Poe. With that said, I would love to hear what sort of haunted house books (or movies!) you’re interested in! There’s a near endless amount of books out there, so there’s no way that any one person could know about them all. I love to discover what people are into, what stories make them question if that was their cat or something else in the house, only to remember they don’t own a cat, or any pet. Inspiration comes from all places and I will never say no to trying a new story. Especially a ghostly one.

While this collection won’t be released until 2021, I’ll still slowly be sharing the details. I’m looking forward to creating these stories and as much as possible, want you to share in that with me.

In the mean time, share your favorite ghost stories, especially those that take place in a house. I can never have too many haunted house stories!

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