Books to Read: Stories by Black Authors

Within the past few days I’ve come to realize how much privilege I have as a white author. I’ve also realized that I need to do (a lot) more in supporting Black authors. Their stories are some of the most overlooked.

Today I want to spotlight Black authors and the stories they tell. Buying their books/checking them out from the library and reviewing them sends a powerful message to a starkly white industry: We want and demand more uplifting Black stories. Black authors and their stories matter.

Below I’ve shared some lists from different genres. Be sure to check out the blogs/blog authors and Twitter users that compiled these lists. It’s truly excellent reading.

Along with her list of book recommendations, Dr. Bell has written an excellent article about Black Historical Romance. Usually I’m not a big fan of romance, but these books all sound incredible, especially The Bewildered Bride.

Afroma Umesi has put together a 30 book list of Black Young Adult Novels. Some of these books were familiar, but Monday’s Not Coming was new to me, and instantly went to the top of my TBR list.

@vlmfantasies made a Twitter thread of under-the-radar fiction books by Black authors. While pretty much all of the books wound up on my TBR list, I can’t wait to read Catherine House and By Sea & Sky: An Esowon Story.

Dan has put together an 11 book list of sci-fi stories by Black authors. This is another genre I don’t typically read, but I’m excited to read every one of these creative and intense stories. I’m especially looking forward to reading Who Fears Death.

Of course I can’t leave out horror. Evette Dionne has put together a list of 9 Black Horror Classics. My Soul to Keep sounds nothing short of terrifying! Just the kind of book I would delight in.

Reading and supporting stories by Black authors is important, but our support shouldn’t stop there. Below are links to support George Floyd’s family and those who are fighting for justice. Buy a book (or two, or three!), and donate below if you can. If you can’t, spread the word. No lives matter until Black lives matter.

George Floyd Memorial Fund

#JusticeforFloyd Petition

Black Lives Matter

National Bail Out

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