I’m (a ghost) Back (to haunt you)!

Luckily for us the scariest things about me are my fascination with angler fish and corvids, my oddball humor, and inability to sleep (thanks insomnia). But I do get some of my best writing done when I’m sleep deprived, so it’s not a total loss. But you aren’t here for my insomnia or bird or fish facts (crows have funerals, you’re welcome), and I’m not going to bother with the health issues I’ve struggled with these past few months. You’ve probably have had a lot on your plate too. So let’s get to the writing!

If you’ve popped in within the past week or so (or subscribed to my newsletter/Insta), you’ve probably know the website has been undergoing a revamp. The revamp is finished! I actually finished about a week ago and forgot to inform everyone because…well I’m not quite sure why, but let’s chalk it up to recovering health and sleep deprivation as that seems most likely.

I’m stoked because one, I can navigate my site without spewing venom, and two, you can now explore the site without getting lost in oddly organized pages! Huzza! I’ve also updated and added author services. If you’re a fellow author I’d love to help you because I love my fellow authors and you deserve more credit than you get.

To celebrate the site update and new author services I’m offering a sale on all author services from now (July 6th) to September 30th. All author services are 25% off from July 6th-September 30th, 2021! You don’t have to do anything as I’ll automatically apply this discount if you book during this time-frame. Why such a big/long sale? Well I want to get to know my fellow authors and I want you to get a chance to know me and how I work. Also, let’s be real, few of us have a bunch of spare money to throw around these days, so why not do a sale and give everyone a break?

“But wait! You forgot the stories!”

Ah-hah! Well spotted, but I promise I haven’t! I’m still working on those pages as they were the ones that needed the most revamping. They’ll be up soon. Speaking of stories, if you’re a news letter subscriber you already know that I have a new thing in the works. This novella(ish) story will be published sometime later this year. While I’ve been working on my haunted house collection, I’ve realized that with the impact of Covid and many other things, I can’t realistically finish it and other elements that go with it at high quality if I release this year. So The House short story collection will be releasing mid 2022. But like I said, I’ll be releasing a novella(ish) sized story later this year and oh, I’m delighted by this story! The newsletter will be the first to hear the details and see the cover so now is a good time to subscribe.

Thank you for coming back, especially after such a long time away. I’m really excited for what I get to share with you this year and the upcoming year. I’ll dig myself out from my pile of books to share a book review on the 20th. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy and make sure to take some time for yourself. If you have any book recommendations or comments on the site, please share them! You really do delight me.

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