It’s TwosDay! (so let me shove book recs at you)

I first realized what today was about a week ago. I, an instructional assistant, walked into the copy room to pick up some papers my lead teacher printed. I scrounged around for said papers as a lot of people were printing things that day (today, for the record, hardly anyone printed anything). In the papers that were not mine, I found some adorable bookmarks saying “It’s Twos Day! Read a book or two! 2/22/22”. Although I found the actual papers I was looking for soon after, the delight of such a silly number stuck with me.

I’ve always loved palindromes. A probable inevitability as my first name, Anna, is a palindrome. I’ve always loved things like that, although I can’t place my finger on why. Either way, I decided that a strange, probably once or twice in a life time event should be celebrated.

For the next eleven days (or so, might not all be back to back), I’ll have some fun and share my bookshelves. Each day I’ll share a photo of two books and a bit about them. Without further ado today’s picks:

Two books placed beside one another: Midnight Sun and Vampire Hunter D

Midnight Sun (Stephanie Meyer) and Vampire Hunter D Omnibus (Hideyuki Kikuchi) have been making me salivate from a distance, but I finally have them after a painful wait! If you know even a little about me, you probably know that I love vampires.

Twilight was a book that I fell in love with over time, and now reading Midnight Sun is like falling in love with the original all over again. I’m a little under half way through the tome. I’m trying to save reading it for the weekends, otherwise I’ll never get enough sleep for work, nor will I get off my lunch breaks on time.

I’ve known about Vampire Hunter D for many years and have a couple of the movies (although I’ve yet to watch them). But only when Barnes and Noble said that an omnibus was up for pre-order did I realize that the anime was based off of a book series. Apparently the series includes 27 books! I’ve only read a sample of Vampire Hunter D, but I fell in love instantly. Unless I need a break from vampires after reading Midnight Sun (doubtful), I’ll be diving into Vampire Hunter D. And of course, once I read that, I’ll be giving myself an overdue watch party of the movies.

If you’re a fellow vampire fan, let me know what vampire centered books I need to add to my TBR list! One can never have too many books, nor too many vampires.

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