A. E. Moseley

As a child Anna grew up in the woods, a lover of nature, words, and cookies. While her mother cooked, Anna would sit in her little chair and would read aloud to her. Oddly enough this love of words didn’t translate into writing.

In fact, teachers had a great difficulty getting her to write anything (and let’s not talk about the abysmal spelling test scores). This changed when Anna was introduced to the world of Harry Potter.

Something clicked. Books had helped Anna through a great many things and she figured the best way to give back to the literary community was to write books herself. She started seeing writing as an interesting and fun thing and ran with it (she is now bitterly disappointed when her college classes don’t assign papers).

While Anna mostly writes dark speculative fiction, she has a love of all kinds of stories. When she’s not writing, she can be found in the kitchen baking cookies, exploring nature, taking photos of books and nature, snuggled up reading, or studying for her business classes.