Author Services

All author services are 35% off from April 1st – June 1st, 2023!
You don’t have to do anything as I’ll automatically apply this discount if you book during this time-frame.

As I’ve grown as an author and writer I’ve come realize that sometimes you just need help. I’ve seen many authors struggle with title creation and overall story cohesion. You don’t have to be one of them. I can teach you how to create strong titles and be your go to content editor. I also offer sensitivity reading services for a variety of topics I have personal experience with. As a dark fiction author myself, I focus my services towards the realms of dark fantasy, horror, and historical fiction.

Content Editing

Content editing is one of my favorite parts of the writing process, yet a lot of authors skip it. So instead of jumping into beta reading or line editing, slow down and let me help you do some content editing.

Content editing examines the story as a whole, focusing on plot holes, character development, and pacing; what’s making the story work and what needs tweaking. Taking time for this first step, before sending your work off to your beta readers or line editors streamlines rest of the editing/publishing process.

Sensitivity Reading:

You’ve seen it before, an author does some research, writes a character poorly, and the internet comes alive with comments on how hurtful and dangerous that representation is. You can save yourself (and your readers) from this by hiring a sensitivity reader to help you portray a variety of disabilities in a thoughtful, realistic and respectful way. For a full list of what I can help you with, mosey on over to the

Title Mapping

With the title mapping service I walk you through what I’ve found to be the most effective, time saving strategies to brainstorm title ideas. Together we’ll create a title that sounds true to your writing and helps your book stand out. Once you know these tricks, you’ll have another writing weapon to brandish whenever you need!

If you’re ready for content editing, sensitivity reading, or title mapping (or all of the above!), email me at authoraemoseley[at]