Sensitivity Reading

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When writing a story of any kind, it’s important to do your research (which you already know). But sometimes it isn’t enough. We’ve seen it before: an author does some research on a topic (let’s go with depression), and writes a depressed character and it’s a disaster. Social media comes to life pointing out how hurtful the inaccurate representation is. While all books will face some kind of push back, you can do a lot to protect yourself, and your readers.

This is where a sensitivity reader comes in. A sensitivity reader is someone who has personal experience with the subject you’re writing and gives you feedback on how to keep your character accurate to real experiences while still allowing your story to work (thus respecting and protecting your readers).

While you should still do your own research (it’ll make the writing process in general much smoother), there’s nothing like getting direct feedback and answers to your specific questions from someone who knows. Below are the topics I can read for:

Topics I Read For:

Hard of Hearing/(D)deafness


Sleeping disorders (insomnia, night terrors, chronic nightmares)

Depression and/or anxiety

OCD and AD(H)D

Price Per Subject
Based on Story Length:

500 – 20,000 words: 45 USD

21,000-40,000 words: 70 USD

41,000-50,000 words: 95 USD

51,000 – 75,000 words: 125 USD

76,000-100,000 words: 165 USD

For each additional subject, add an additional 50 USD.

Please note: Each of us speaks from personal experiences and cannot, and do not speak for the whole group. Individually, we offer tremendous insight and can answer your questions. Even so, it’s a good idea to hire more than on sensitivity reader for each subject so you get more feedback and insight.