If you’ve made your way to the site, you’re most likely interested in my books. Here is the definitive list of published works (both free and otherwise) and where you can find them.

Roses for Cassandra
(free short story; Historical Fiction, Romance)

Roses - High Resolution

This is the small, but pleasant tale of how the theater brought together two lovers: a dancer and a stagehand.
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Of Secrets, Letters, and Lions
(free short story; Dark Historical Fiction)


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“Father has started keeping secrets so deep and so large that he has locked himself in his study…” so starts the series of letters that Hanna Hunt sends to her best friend in America. With her friend’s encouragement, Hanna teams up with her younger sister in hopes of solving the mystery surrounding their father. But what the girls are unaware of is just how dark and deadly his secrets are.

Of Secrets and Sound
(novella; Dark Historical Fiction; $1.99)

Of Secrets - High Resolution

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The year is 1873 and society has no room for deaf Edward Rollin. He comes from good breeding, and has wealth and charm in spades- but it’s not enough to hide his disability and peculiarities. Edward is a man uninterested in courting or participating in societal events with his peers, instead choosing to spend his days researching the string of bizarre deaths that have rattled London.

Edward is not alone in his hunt for the truth, either. Ambrose Walsh and Abigail Hunt each have vested interests in getting answers as well. Their search is in part to avenge the death of Abigail’s father, but also to save society from a fast growing plague.

As Edward and his friends hit more dead ends in their investigation, he decides to try a new method of searching. This brings him closer to a cure, but far closer to danger.

Told through both Edward’s letters and third person, Of Secrets and Sound is the long awaited sequel to Of Secrets, Letters, and Lions.